Why Metals In Your Antiperspirant Should Be Avoided

Mainstream antiperspirants and deodorants are very good at serving their purpose of reducing sweat and offering a very pleasant and fresh scent. Unfortunately, most antiperspirants and deodorants consist of certain ingredients that are considered to be very harmful for the body and they can also cause various types of diseases and even cancer. The ingredients present in the above mentioned products are able to penetrate into the skin quickly that various other products because of the fact that the underarm skin is more porous and thinner that the other parts of the human body. Moreover, the skin of the underarms is also prone toxin absorption and irritations.

The Difference between Deodorants and Antiperspirants

There is only one difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant. A deodorant helps in the process of breaking down sweat and destroying the bacteria that causes body odor while an antiperspirant carries out its effect on sweat glands and tries bringing about a reduction in sweating conditions. One of the most important ingredients used in antiperspirants is a salt that is known to reduce perspiration by disallowing the created toxins to be released via the skin and also by overcrowding the skin pores and this salt is called aluminum chlorhydrate. Aluminum is considered to increase the levels of metal in brain and this helps in increasing the risk o a disease called Alzheimers disease. Therefore it can be said that the use of aluminum contained antiperspirants is not good for the skin and is also not good for the health of an individual.

Take Precautions while buying an Antiperspirant

When people go for the purchase of an antiperspirant they do not take the trouble of stopping and having a look at the ingredients contained in the antiperspirant. This is something incorrect that is done y the people. It is always very important to check the ingredients of an antiperspirant before buying it from the market because those that contain aluminum can have dangerous effects on the health of an individual. The label should be read very carefully and it should be made sure that the label reads aluminum free.

Why you want to avoid Aluminum

Aluminum is basically a toxin and it is added to antiperspirants in the form of salt so that it can help in reducing the sweat in the underarms. Sweating is prevented by aluminum as it blocks the skin pores temporarily but in this process, it can also get absorbed by the body which is not good for an individual especially when there is any kind of skin damage being faced by that particular individual. Environmental issues are also caused by aluminum like the toxins that are washed out cause pollution. Aluminum is extensively used by people in their daily lives like foil for wrapping food items but there are a number of diseases caused by the use of aluminum and the diseases include breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, seizures and kidney problems. Research has proved the fact that if people make use of antiperspirants that have a good content of aluminum, they have an increased risk of contracting the above mentioned diseases. People with sensitive skin should always go for the choice of aluminum free antiperspirants because they can end up getting rashes on their skin by the use of antiperspirants that aluminum.

Antiperspirants have long been into the market and they are considered to be of good use for people. Previously there were a lot of antiperspirants available in the market that contained aluminum but nowadays there are not many because people have understood the disadvantages of using antiperspirants that contain aluminum. People should always go for the choice of antiperspirants that contain natural ingredients and essential oils because these ingredients do not cause any damages to the skin of an individual. If possible, people should always go for a search online in order to get hold of the best antiperspirant free from aluminum that can work wonders and that will also not pose any problem for the health of an individual in any circumstances